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Here it is! The Abarat Roleplay is officially open!


In the Abarat, there is a storm brewing. The Hereafter girl and the Old Mother have escalated the tension between Night and Day, bringing the oldest conflict in history to the brink of an all-out war. However their battles are only a part of the story; twenty five islands grow restless, and their people with them. Off the shores of the islands however, there live those who have not taken sides in the coming troubles: pirates, merchants, and explorers; those who have dedicated themselves to living above the Izabella. These groups travel freely between the islands, with no greater cares than good business, loot, and adventure. But will the oncoming storm be too much, even for the seafarers?

Welcome to the life above the Izabella. Hoist the sail, you’re shoving off. The question is: with who’s crew?

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And the world’ll go on without me,
This is certain sure.
Should you choose to doubt me,
I’ll leave and close the door.

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Mythfit Unbound

Clive Barker, Abarat: Absolute Midnight

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No need to fear the beast
That comes alone to your door,
For loneliness will be its undoing
Nor need you fear those beasts
That hunt in packs.
They will die when divided from their clan.
Fear only the one
That does not come at all.
It is already here, standing in your shoes.

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The last sermon of Bishop Nautyress 

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You’ll learn, honey. Love can be the best thing in life. And it can be the worst. The absolute worst.

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Clive Barker 

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If prisons—
—therefore liberty.
It’s started.
If seas—
See it?
—therefore shores.
Hear it?
If silence,
Therefore song.

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Clive Barker, Abarat - Absolute Midnight (via thecolorofmagic)

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“The Place is Where.
The Question How.
The Hours are When.
If Never, Now.”
—Clive Barker

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